Vessels and Housings

Bag housings are sometimes called filter vessels. They are top loading with a hinged or threaded lid. A perforated restrainer basket fits inside the shell to support the filter bag under pressure. The plastic flange, or metal or plastic ring, at the top of the filter bag snaps into a precision groove inside the housing, providing a positive seal to prevent bypass.

The lid is sealed by a gasket which is typically nitrile (buna) or fluorocarbon (Viton®) rubber depending on your product's temperature and chemistry.  We also offer EPDM/EPR, Teflon® encapsulated EPR, solid Teflon®, and silicone.

The surface area of the filter bag determines the amount of contaminants it can capture before the end of the bag's useful life. The pressure drop across the bag will increase when it reaches the end of its life. Each housing has a ¼" NPT port in the lid for a pressure gage.

Our internet prices are for standard single bag housings. Please contact us for flanged, sanitary, multi-bag, ASME code, and other special requirements.


SBF75 FMC22 Model 14 Model 11 Model 12


Size 4 housing Size 1 housing Size 2 housing


2.5 GPM*

300 PSI

Size SBF


Stainless Steel

1-10 GPM*

1.5" FQC

Size FMC


C.S. or S.S.

45 GPM*

150 PSI

Size #4


C.S. or S.S.

100* GPM*

150* PSI

Size #1


C.S. or S.S.

220* GPM

150* PSI

Size #2


C.S. or S.S.




* Gallons per minute for clear water at 1.0 PSI Δ