WVO Filtration

Waste or recycled vegetable oil and surplus corn oil are renewable and environmentally responsible alternatives to diesel fuel. If you are burning recycled cooking oil in your diesel engine, a 5 micron single-pass bag filter will remove unwanted contamination (some people choose to use 1 micron filter bags, this is personal preference, but just a reminder that starter package will come with 5 micron bags). The use of either bag will help preserve your vehicle's fuel pump, fuel filter, and fuel injectors. 

Starter Package

To get you started we have a WVO starter package which includes a filter bag housing with carbon steel mounting legs, a differential pressure indicator, and 10 PONG5X01 filter bags rated 5 microns. The starter package will have all necessary components, however, if you need additional parts they are all available for individual purchase. Also necessary to mention, is that the filter bag housing will have a Buna gasket in the package. 

Individual Components

X100 Housing

Mounting Legs (Plastic, Cone, Carbon and Stainless Steel)

Change Indicator

Gasket (Buna or Viton® Material)

X100 Filter Bags

Starter Kits with 1, 10, 25, 50 and 100 Micron Ratings