SKU: DC1226-OCB-HM-CX313
Minimum Quantity: 1
Size: 12.75" OD x 8.375" ID
Length: 26"
Material: CX 80/20 Cellulose Polyester Blend
Top Cap: Open
Bottom Cap: Closed with Bolt Hole
Construction: Galvanized
Number of Pleats: 313
Inner Core: Helix Expanded metal
Outer Core: Expanded Metal
Gasket: Top - Polyisoprene


High quality replacement dust cartridges fit many dust collector models.

Common crosses include:

AAF 1835271-005/ Farr 78968 / Torit 8PP-19215-01/ Environmental Filter EO4221 & EO4378 / Clark 1565783/ TDC 10002522/ Donaldson P191867-016-340 / APEL C206B4/ KOCH C33H127-110/ TVS T4-26C3153