Filtration Applications

We have a liquid filter bag to suit almost any application. Our experienced staff offers expert advice to help you solve your filtration problems. We need some basic information to find the ideal filtration solution for your particular application.

Temperature Range

Almost any filter media can be used with neutral pH water based products. Hot oils, resins, and other high temperature products require a filter media that can withstand prolonged exposure to high temperatures.

Chemical Compatibility

Solvents, strong acids, and alkaline solutions all present challenges. It is important to select a filter media that can withstand exposure to your product.

Particle Size

The micron rating of a filter media determines the size of the particles captured as your product is filtered. The micron rating you choose is highly dependent on your application. The human eye can discern particles as small as 50 microns. Food products are commonly filtered between 1-25 microns, while ink and paint can vary from 5 to 100 microns depending on the application.


Oil is thicker than water. Viscosity, or resistance to flow, is typically measured in centipoise (cP).

Water:       1 cP

Corn Oil:        65 cP

Honey:              2,000 cP

Chocolate Syrup:  10,000 cP

Flow Rate

Usually measured in GPM (gallons per minute), the flow rating of a filtration system is primarily determined by specific gravity, particle size, and the surface area of the filter media.

Popular Applications and Solutions (click below)

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